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Action at KD watering hole

As we near the end of the dry season in the Waterberg many of the watering holes have dried up. Consequently animals are forced along the river system and major watering holes which can make for fantastic sightings.

During the night an unaware impala coming to the water for a drink fell victim to a lion and lioness at KD watering hole. After the lions had had a good feed they lay up in the shade on the other side of the main road into Marataba Safari Lodge. Visitors to Marataba were welcomed by two lazy lions en route to the lodge. What a perfect way to begin their safari!

As the afternoon cooled off I made my way to the watering hole with my guests hoping that the lions may become active. We sat with them for an hour watching them sleep and marvelling in their regal features. The lioness is an old female we know well and the male is one the largest on reserve and completely blonde. He is also my favourite lion and it had been six months since I had seen him due to him being pushed away by three other males.

Although lions appear to be semi unconscious when asleep they are often extremely aware of their surroundings. One minute the female was practically snoring and the next she suddenly flipped onto her stomach, head and ears down looking across the road; she had spotted something and began to stalk. We sat silently trying to see what it was she was stalking when suddenly a brown hyena popped out of a bush carrying the remains of the impala carcass in it’s mouth! The lioness gave chase for all of 20m and then gave up, safe in the knowledge that she was already overly full!

The lioness returned to her spot in the shade and began to sleep once more. Meanwhile, a herd of wildebeest made their to the watering hole unaware of the two lions in the shade 50 metres away. We watched this interesting scenario and had the lions not already feasted the wildebeest may have been on the menu!

​Both lions gave us some great photographic opportunities and came down for a drink much to the horror of the wildebeest. As the sun began to set we left them to it and managed to find the brown hyena again resting after his meal!

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